How To Run This Program

  • Tony Guerry

    Tony Guerry - 2003-10-16

    Sorry for the stupid question. I downloaded the .36 version and was trying to run it to test out a PDF to HTML.
    How do you run this program?
    I am on Win XP Pro.
    I tried from the Run command and it did not work.
    Help please.

    • John Winstanley

      John Winstanley - 2003-10-17

      Open a Dos Prompt or command window

      Go to the directory with the executable init

      type the name of the executable and press enter

      you'll get a list of options/parameters that you can run with the program.

      I think a simple example is

      pdftohtml -c "nameofpdf.pdf"

    • kinliang

      kinliang - 2005-03-01

      Sorry for another stupid..but i still unable to run it... currently i using pdftohtml-0.36 and using unix platform...

      • Mikhail Kruk

        Mikhail Kruk - 2005-03-01

        Any more details?

    • kinliang

      kinliang - 2005-03-02

      : warning: the use of `tmpnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp'
      make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/sean/pdftohtml/pdftohtml-0.36/src'
      cd src; mv pdftohtml ../pdftohtml

      is it the factor that causes i could't run it?? and i cannot find "pdftohtml" the way thanks for your reply

      • Mikhail Kruk

        Mikhail Kruk - 2005-03-02

        You have to specify full path to the pdftohtml executable when you run it. Like this:
        /home/kinliang/work/pdftohtml-0.36/pdftohtml file.pdf

    • kinliang

      kinliang - 2005-03-03

      Thanks Meshko, it is really working ..thanks alot man is a great program to use

    • yuvika yuvika

      yuvika yuvika - 2008-05-16

      I have downloaded the file "" now how to use it???.

      In all other forums the idea i got is to use exe file.But this folder does nto contain any exe file.Bsically i want to convert the pdf file uploaded in my appliaction to hmtl format.

      Where is the executable file???????.or I need to compile the code???.Im using C# and working on winXP platform.
      SO if anyone has done it or could help me.Please reply as soon as possible. 

      Thanks in advance


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