Chinna S - 2008-11-19

Hi freinds

Currently i am working in Pdftohtml conversion.I am not able to do for all kinds of pdf files. Please i need the help regarding this.

I will explain what i have done.

I download the file(pdftohtml-0.39-win32.tar.gz ) and extracted in to my localmachine. Used the pdftohtml command(pdftohtml -c -nomerge -enc UTF-8 pdffilename). Its working fine for some files, but it is not working for all files. After that i came to know about the Xpdf , I just see the forum and they told about the xpdfrc file and font folders.I also tried that process but no luck for me.

I download the and extracted in my localfolder , but there is no pdftohtml.exe with in this folder.So i copied the pdftohtml.exe from pdftohtml-0.39-win32.tar.gz and paste it here( ) . Then copy the chinese char from this site.( and pasted in the localfolder(i.e extracted folder).After that i added the text in to xpdfrc file from "add-to-xpdfrc" file. But still  i have a problem for not able to convert the pdf file.

Filepath: C:\pdftohtml\padftohtml.exe , C:\pdftohtml\xpdfrc , C:\pdftohtml\chinese-simplified(folder) , C:\pdftohtml\chinese-traditional(folder),C:\pdftohtml\bkai00mp.ttf, C:\pdftohtml\gkai00mp.ttf

xpdfrc file contains :
cidToUnicode Adobe-GB1 chinese-simplified/Adobe-GB1.cidToUnicode
unicodeMap ISO-2022-CN chinese-simplified/ISO-2022-CN.unicodeMap
unicodeMap EUC-CN chinese-simplified/EUC-CN.unicodeMap
unicodeMap GBK chinese-simplified/GBK.unicodeMap
cMapDir Adobe-GB1 chinese-simplified/CMap
toUnicodeDir chinese-simplified/CMap
displayCIDFontTT Adobe-GB1 gkai00mp.ttf

cidToUnicode Adobe-CNS1 chinese-traditional/Adobe-CNS1.cidToUnicode
unicodeMap Big5 chinese-traditional/Big5.unicodeMap
unicodeMap Big5ascii chinese-traditional/Big5ascii.unicodeMap
cMapDir Adobe-CNS1 chinese-traditional/CMap
toUnicodeDir chinese-traditional/CMap
displayCIDFontTT Adobe-CNS1 bkai00mp.ttf

Still i have problem regarding this. It is not working for some pdf files

This is the file which i have tried to convert a pdftohtml:

Please help me regarding this.