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  • Gregory BOYER

    Gregory BOYER - 2006-07-19


    we are developping an opensource product under GPL v2 with some functionnality based on pdftohtml.
    We have got some request to have a commercial license of our product, therefore we would need a commercial license also of pdftohtml.
    I didnt find any information about this topic.

    Where can I have some information about it?

    Thank you very much,
    Best regards

    • Mikhail Kruk

      Mikhail Kruk - 2007-01-29

      You'd need to talk to Derek of Foolabs, the author of Xpdf package.  He sells commercial license for Xpdf, which is the PDF rendering engine for pdftohtml.  For the versions of Xpdf which were done by me (.36) it is enough to have the commercial license for Xpdf -- I didn't feel that pdftohtml was enough of added value to Xpdf engine to negotiate a separate licensing agreement and left it to Derek.  If the maintainer of the current versions of pdftohtml (Tyson) doesn't agree with me on that you will have to use my latest build (.36) as a starting point.
      Let me repeat just to make it 100% clear: you must negotiate commercial Xpdf license with Derek.


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