Unusable on small screen

  • Jeroen van der Vegt


    I really like to give pdfshuffler a chance, but I don see any buttons. I installed the Ubuntu package (v.0.4.1), but I see only a grey screen appear. There are some buttons at the bottom of the window probably, but they don't fit on my screen. I have an Asus EEE pc with a 1024*600 resolution.

    If I could resize the PDFshuffler window, things would probably work out fine. Itś non-resizable now, unfortunately.

    • M-C

      M-C - 2009-05-10

      OK.  I understand fully what you mean.

      First, you should still be able to use any program that doesn't quite fit the screen by pressing ALT+Mouse Click anywhere on the window and dragging it to another location.

      Now, this is a Python program, so you can customize the window a little more.  You will need to do it at root / sudo depending on how your system works.

      a.  Navigate to /usr/bin
      b.  Open as root:  pdfshuffler with a text editor (important:  kate, gedit, scite are good options.  From terminal nano is a good choice)
      c.  Scroll down to line 72 or 73 and change the value accordingly.  Default is 700 x 600. 
      d.  Save file.

      Start PDF Shuffler again. :)

      Hope that helps...


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