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  • Gagan Mazed

    Gagan Mazed - 2010-11-17

    So what would be next pdfscissors features you would like? I am sure 'all' will be the best answer, but I wonder what to pick first?

    - odd/even page separation, so that they can have different crop boxes.
    - Stack view improvement - discard first / some page from previewing, cancelling whole stack view (in case of a big book).
    - Exporting some particular pages instead of all.
    - Anything else?

  • Scott Walker

    Scott Walker - 2010-11-26

    Hi there!  This tool seems to work amazing, I love the ammount of thought you have put into the functionality and its surprisingly easy to use.

    I came accross to the forum for a few requests, and you've already picked up an a few already.  I totally agree with the stack improvements, that was my initial issue due to a dark front cover.  Odd/even issue also was noted too. 

    The only other feature which (I think someone has mentioned something similar before), would be aspect ratio locking for the crop boxes. This would make it easier to see how you could crop to fill the whole screen of an ereader.
    Give the users some way to change the ratio they want, maybe with some defaults for common ereaders, then just a padlock toggle on a menu bar.

    Let me know what you think and if you want any more input.



  • Gagan Mazed

    Gagan Mazed - 2010-11-26

    Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback !

    you've already picked up an a few already

    Actually I have not decided which one to do first… That's just a list from which I want to pick one :)

    Hmm, ratio locking is a good idea indeed. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

    Let me know…  if you want any more input.

    - What was the use of pdfscissors for you? Did you create just one crop area to drop the margins, or did u create multiple crop areas for some other use?
    - Did you crop scanned image based pdf / normal pdf?
    - What device did you try on? Kindle ? Others?

  • Scott Walker

    Scott Walker - 2010-11-26

    I was actually just looking at what tools were around at the moment.  I think I'm going to get a kindle for xmas from the wife and would be reading pdf books and papers on it for uni.  At the moment I just want to crop off the borders and then maybe multicrop for books that are a bit heavier on text/too small a font.  Quite a few of the books have plenty of diagrams and such so using this tool over a pdf > mobi (or whatever) tools makes it easier as I don't have to worry about formatting of the page so much.  :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Feature Request:
    - Respect PDF bookmarks
    - control transparency
    - exclude pages (the first page) from stacked view

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    First of all thaks for creating this excellent tool. very helpful for use with ebook readers.

    About improvements:
    - introduce fixed aspect ratio for crop area - at best with user-defined factors (e.g. 11:78 if someone wants)
    - add custom size for crop area - input size from keyboard
    - add possibility to exclude selected pages from stacking
    - add possibility to stack only certain pages (user can mark them as most representative)
    - add possibility to exclude certain pages from crop - only rescale them (e.g. front page).
    - add possibility to control transparency of stacked pages - the ones in the back are hardly visible (if at all).


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I would also like to be able to exclude the first page from the stack. The first page is often an image of the book cover and often full page, so it obscures the rest of the stack.


  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I have a diff file version that I've added the ability to change the opacity of the pages with a JSlider. Thus, although the covers are dark does not bother turning down the intensity of the opacity.

    I've also added two more buttons that can make a vertical or horizontal split of a selected area. So, select an area with all the text and do a vertical split to stay with two areas of equal size. This is very useful as well, can make a crop of a page with two regions and then from the iPad, Kindle … simply pass the page and not have to scroll through it.

    The problem is I do not know where to send mail with the diff file, if you may be interested.

  • Gagan Mazed

    Gagan Mazed - 2011-03-01


    I have received your diff files in email… Lets communicate there.

    Thanks for the code contribution, will be deploying soon if testing goes fine.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It would be nice if it was possible to have the tool automatically select areas for me. For example it could cut the pages in two equal areas. Maybe it could be also aware of what is the optimal selection for a Kindle or other devices.

    Thanks for you work btw! :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yep, couldnt agree more! Some kind of keep "Kindle (and other devices) ratio" would be terribly helpful. But it is great to have this tool already. So thx a lot!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How can I use pdf scissors off-line? I read you published something about it but I couldn't understand where do I must download or what configuration must I use. Can you publish a little manual? Thanks and good job!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    First of all - great tool, thank you very much indeed.

    I'm using it to crop science text books for Kindle. Lots of equations 'n' stuff, so the PDF-to-native Kindle conversion is no use. However, the books have a wide (mostly) blank margin which I  want to crop, otherwise the fit-width view on the Kindle is tiny. But the PDFs are formatted the same as the paper books, so the margin alternates from left to right on alternate pages.

    The two big features I'd like to see (already mentioned above):
    * Separate odd/even page crops.
    * Ability to save/reload crop size/position and/or enter it from keyboard.

    However, even as is, I was able to create two copies of my PDF a "left scissors" and "right scissors" version of my document and flit between them on alternate pages. The Kindle makes this easy enough since documents are listed by most recent access, and open at the last page viewed.

    Thanks again.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thanks for this great tool,  gagan-mazed! I use it very often to crop my pdf books and it's very user- friendly piece of software, very pleasant to use. However, omitance of a cover page is the feature I would welcome very much in the next release/version of Pdfscissors. As one of the posters above mentioned already, cover is often different size from the rest of doc and it is impossible to crop unless the doc would undergo some form of "surgery" in a pdf editing soft.
    And once again- thak you for this awesome tool!

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Thanks a lot for your tool, with a Kindle it's perfect for working on my phd.

    Just will be nice to have the ability to crop on page on two or to select untill a page then to change… cause sadly sometimes there is big diffirences between the first pages of the files and the lasts.


  • Anonymous - 2011-11-08

    Hey gagan,

    yesterday I stumpled upon your program because I needed to crop pages of a badly scanned book. It was nice to have the odd and even pages separation but it was not that helpful in the end: the scanned pages were often differently aligned. My feature suggestion would be to build in an assistent:
    1. i can specify the size crop area once
    2. then I can go through each page and realign this crop area until it matches the actual scanned page

    What I did as workaround was to have multiple crop areas but this of course results in a lot of additional doubled (but not optimally looking) pages.

    Also the toolbar is not that intuitive: Your "Set width/height of all areas same" icon was understood as my desired "use same crop area size for all pages (or maybe all even or odd pages) in the pdf". By chance I finally figured out the true meaning.
    Ah, also unclear: I thought the icon "delete selected crop area" would help me getting rid of the additional but unnecessary crop areas for a specific page. So imagine I created 2 different crop areas A and B for even pages and I have page 16 selected right now, then I thought clicking the icon for e.g. crop area B would only delete the unneeded crop area B for page 16 (since I e.g. only need area A to fit nicely). Instead the action would delete any crop area B for all even pages.

    I can imagine a lot of people would use your program for the same purpose: they have scanned something with a scan format bigger than the actual paper format so there's a lot of unnecessary whitespace and book folds. And then I would greatly appreciate if I would not have for each page to draw a crop area but instead just be able to rearrange an existing crop area of the same size for each page (and affecting only one page).

    Nevertheless your program seems VERY promising as all other programs I tested failed completely.

  • Gagan Mazed

    Gagan Mazed - 2011-11-08

    Hello BunchOfSage,

    Thanks for your elaborate feedback.

    Could you please knock me at May be I can do something about your problem quickly.

    - Gagan

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    As previously requested:

    Keep bookmarks.

    Great program, thanks!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'd like to propose one more improvement - the PDF rotation. Unfortunatelly Kindle Touch does not support landscape mode so the workaround for PDF documents might be the transformation:

    1. Rotate to landscape
    2. Crop vertically

    Btw. Great job!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This is not really a 'crop' tool. It just manipulates the view area.

    Can you add a feature to 'really' crop a pdf page?

  • kyle775

    kyle775 - 2012-01-13

    it would be nice to have a "device" or "standard screen size" list to choose from so i can quickly crop a pdf to fit my device..

  • kyle775

    kyle775 - 2012-01-13

    also, this project looks a lot like "briss" on source forge are they working on the same things? together? apart?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Please add shortcut.

    And please do not change to "Selec and resize …. " after "Draw an area for cropping"
    Why? Because all of us use your excellent software to crop on page more then one element. After  "Draw an area for cropping" I must go and click  "Draw an area for cropping" to draw more elements on the some page.

  • wwhyte

    wwhyte - 2012-09-20

    Just came across this tool today and I love how it works. Thanks very much for the work you've put into this.

    My use case is that I have two-column academic papers to read which often have the title and authors across the top of the first page, then two columns in the lower section of the first page, then two columns on all subsequent pages and sometimes a page-width footer at the bottom of the last page. Currently, if I stack all the pages, I end up cutting the title and authors in half, which is distracting. It'd be great if I could handle the first page separately from the others (as many have suggested). Even better would be to have a document map on the left sidebar, and let the user pick pages from there to stack and apply the same crop to.

    Thanks again for the great tool.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    wwhyte, Can you achieve this by using the third option "Every page separately" ?

    Then you can freely crop every page just the way you prefer. Of course it's a little bit more work.

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