Exception null/PDFsamTMPbufferNNAFR1.pdf

  • Werner Donné

    Werner Donné - 2007-08-12


    When running the following command-line via the GUI I get the
    following exception:

    Command Line: [-o, 20070703_Q2.pdf, -f, /home/werner/scan0010.pdf, -f, /home/werner/scan0009.pdf, -u, All:All:, -overwrite, -compressed, concat] Exception null/PDFsamTMPbufferNNAFR1.pdf (No such file or directory)

    I did this on a Suse 10 box with both JDK 1.4.2 and 1.5.0. It
    looks like the temporary file is gone before it can be opened
    for writing.



    • Andrea Vacondio

      Andrea Vacondio - 2007-08-13

      Youhave to write the full path for the output document.. something like /home/werner/20070703_Q2.pdf


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