Bug in Windows filenames management ?

  • jdem

    jdem - 2006-09-30

    I have uploaded and installed the last stable version and have encountered two problems :

    - PDFsam is disturbed by the Windows long filenames including the space mark (ex. "My Documents").

    - Moving all my files in a folder with a short name I recieve the following message:

    PDF Split and Merge Ver. 0.6 stable release
    File selected: TD13.pdf
    File selected: DBANG.pdf
    Command Line: [-o, TD13-full.pdf, -f, Z:\temp\TD13\TD13.pdf, -f, Z:\temp\TD13\DBANG.pdf, -u, All:All:, -overwrite, concat]
    Exception java.io.FileNotFoundException: null\PDFsamTMPbuffer2.pdf (Le chemin d'accès spécifié est introuvable)

    Any idea ?

    Many thanks for this probably nice software which will be very usefull for me ... as soon as I can use it !


    • Andrea Vacondio

      Andrea Vacondio - 2006-09-30

      You have to write the full output path.. so something like c:\TD13-full.pdf

      About Windows long names i don't know, no one reported any trouble like that since now.. could you tell me something more precise? if i could reproduce it i'd try ti fix.


    • jdem

      jdem - 2006-10-01

      Hi Andrea,

      The different filenames have been selected using the PDFsam GUI, then I have not written anything.

      The problem of long filenames with included space marks is typical of command-line applications launched through a graphical GUI wrapper. In that case, it is necessary or to use the 8.3 equivalent DOS filename either to force quotes around filepathes.

      The 8.3 DOS equivalent filename is activated on my Windows XP installation (a specific key in the Windows registry). Then other command-line applications function properly on my system.

      The line of command transmitted to the PDFsam command-line application is always splitted at the position of the 1st space mark.

      I continue my investigations.


    • jdem

      jdem - 2006-10-01

      Sorry for this false alarm !

      The problem was in the definition of the target filename. Effectively it is necessary to type a full pathname and not simply a filename.

      A dialog-box to define a working directory will be welcome to avoid that kind of mistakes.

      Many thanks, Andrea, for this nice piece of software.


      PS: a question. Is the target file overwriten or possibly appended ? In that case it could be possible to build the PDF target file incrementally.

    • jdem

      jdem - 2006-10-01

      My apologies, Andrea. I had better to read the doc which is quite clear.



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