Large File?

  • bibo

    bibo - 2008-02-11

    I tried pdfsam 1.0.0 beta1.It's a useful project.But i find it can't
    load big file more than 2X.MB.After 30 minutes it still showing "Please wait while reading xxx.pdf...".

    • Andrea Vacondio

      Andrea Vacondio - 2008-02-12

      Is the log window showing an OutOfMemory error?
      pdfsam start with standard memory settings (64mb) that should be enough for your document but you can try running pdfsam with more memory, i just loaded a 320mb document running pdfsam with 1gb of memory.
      Try the command java -Xmx128m -jar pdfsam-1.0.0-b1.jar
      You can also give more memory (till 2048) changing the Xmx value.

    • bibo

      bibo - 2008-02-12

      I tried -Xmx128m... ,then it works.
      But load 70MB pdf,it still not works,so i change -Xmx256m then it works again.

      I use WindowsXP SP1、Intel Celeron 2.4G、512MB RAM、JRE1.6.0.3,and
      I'm not a programer just a end user.

      Yes,the CMD window showing an OutOfMemory error.

      So,I must type the command to cange the Xmx value everytime ,or any other way?

      p.s. My English is poor,hope u know what i mean.

    • Andrea Vacondio

      Andrea Vacondio - 2008-02-16

      There's no feature to set this value in pdfsam so yes, you have to type it every time.. you can also write a little bat/sh script to run pdfsam with the Xmx option.


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