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Dead or Alive

A quick glance at the releases will show that I haven't worked on this program for quite some time. It's not that it doesn't _need_ work. The code is messy and it lacks several features and documentation. Nevertheless, it seems to work well enough for the steady trickle of people who download and don't complain.

If you would like this code to be improved or maintained, please take a moment to reply to this message, drop me an email or use the "Tracker" function on the sf.net project page. Let me know if this program compiles, runs and works for you. Let me know your suggestions for improvements or new features. You never know, I may get motivated to have a look at this again...... read more

Posted by Neil McPhail 2008-06-15

PdfRipImage Website Open

The website for the project is now up and running. It is still a "work in progress", but contains some basic documentation for the program.

It can be found at: http://pdfripimage.sourceforge.net/ - enjoy!

Posted by Neil McPhail 2005-05-01

PdfRipImage Script Version 0.3 Released

The new version of the PdfRipImage Script has the ability to make images of entire pages in the .pdf document using pdftoppm. Furthermore, it is now possible to pass the first and last pages to rip to the script.

An update of the GUI version should arrive soon.

Posted by Neil McPhail 2005-04-20

PdfRipImage Script updated to Version 0.2

PdfRipImage is a program to extract images from a .pdf document and convert them to a format of your choice.

This release updates the PdfRipImage script to add support for PNG images and includes several new command line options. There is also and example configuration file with details of the new options.

The script is now capable of all the functions of the GUI version 0.2.

Posted by Neil McPhail 2005-04-04

PdfRipImage Version 0.2 Released

PdfRipImage is a utility to extract images from .pdf files and convert them to a format of your choice. It exists in two forms: a lightweight shell script and a GNOME fronted graphical version.

The program provides a convenient front end to "pdfimages" from Xpdf and "pnmto*" from netpbm.

This is the first release of the graphical version of the program. Please let me know your thoughts.

Posted by Neil McPhail 2005-03-18

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