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PdfMerge 1.21 Released

A great thing about open source is that people send emails now and then to suggest really good improvements to PdfMerge.

So this release incorporates two great suggestions from people who took the time to send an email with a good idea.

When in the grid area of the main form, you can now right click on any row. You then get a context menu item that allows you to select to either duplicate the current row to the end of the form, or to copy the file name to the bookmark.... read more

Posted by cvanling 2012-10-22 Labels: PdfMerge 1.21

PdfMerge 1.20 Released

PdfMerge Now supports merging of later version PDF files including files that contain irefstreams. This was made possible by using the iTextSharp library to pre-process the PDF files prior to merging.

PdfMerge now allows page numbering to be optionally added to the bottom right of each page. In addition an optional footer label can be added to the bottom left of each page.

Finally, the output file name is now stored along with the merge list, to make it easier to repeat the same merge operation.... read more

Posted by cvanling 2012-10-08 Labels: PdfMerge 1.20

PdfMerge 1.19 Released

PdfMerge improved for use with Acrobat 8 files by incorporating the latest PdfSharp Library (version 1.20). The PdfMerge GUI was improved to show bookmark levels more clearly. An issue with language resources in the installer was fixed.

Posted by cvanling 2009-03-15

PdfMerge 1.18 Released

A new GUI was added which allows PdfMerge to read and write command definitions in XML format. Unicode characters are now supported for bookmarks.

Both an installer for end users and full source code is available.

The source code was ported to VS2008.

Posted by cvanling 2008-08-03

Just Created

PdfMerge just added to SourceForge!!

Posted by cvanling 2008-02-16

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