Ken JS - 2008-08-27

I like this concept! I need to make some form-fill templates as PDF files, because that's a relatively recently-added feature of Acrobat Reader and everybody has free access to that. I wouldn't know how to create a form-fill PDF otherwise, likely as not it requires purchase of some Adobe product. [Of course, making plain PDFs is a breeze with free packages, like what I'm using, CutePDF Writer.]

I got your PDF Forms Designer to work somewhat in a very limited scope (under WXP). I realize it has a long way to go. If you wish to modify an existing PDF, then I would want some conventions about covering over existing text/markings. For example, if you replace an inert checkbox in a plain PDF with a live useable checkbox, then in which layer is the actual checkbox frame rendered? You wouldn't want it rendered twice. Similarly, for text fields, one might wish to add only the data portion and leave some existing text as is for the caption.

I have a TON OF TIME available for beta testing this beast for you, if you wish to coordinate with me personally about where to focus. I don't think I'll need the scripting feature really, not sure.

Now hear this! If you could figure out how to simply ENABLE THE TYPEWRITER TOOL in a PDF, then that alone would be a great boon for using PDF's as templates/forms. Of course, that would also serve to pretty much obsolete the rest of your package, but I would just LOVE to see that feature put in and PRESTO, an existing plain inert PDF becomes a dynamic template.

I'm mopping up after some incompetents who thought it wise to publish lengthy State forms as plain PDF. The static text and static formatting are quite formidable, but how to type in various object data among it all?? [Well last year they had a scripted form-fill but then they changed the form and now it's a damn disaster, mostly necessitating long-hand fill-out!] Maybe this time next year your package will serve such a need with great ease, but not at this juncture just yet. I'm having lots of trouble getting some features to work right. Oh, I am NOT complaining, DON'T get me wrong. Keep up the great work!