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New win32 pdf editor

First beta of windows installer can be downloaded from our web page http://pdfedit.cz/en/pdfedit_windows.html . We are working on merging the changes and releasing also a unix version. Afterwards, we can start to fix the bugs.

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2012-01-25

New win32 pdf editor based on pdfedit library

Still in pre-beta quality but already useful.
Try the new pdf editor by Eva Peskova
(look at http://pdfedit.cz/\)

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2011-08-29

Using pdfedit under windows

You can run pdfedit under windows after installing http://www.andlinux.org/ !

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2010-10-04

Few facts about pdfedit

Few facts about pdfedit:
- hosted on sourceforge for almost 4 years
- around 1 million people have downloaded one of our packages only from sourceforge
- two people have donated to this project (thank you! :)

- we are three developers but usually only one is active at a time
- we have got several translations, bug fixes and bug reports. (thanks!)
- we are looking for Win32 GUI developers but any help would be appreciated... read more

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2010-06-18

Add image proof of concept tool

There are few new tools in win32 tool package, one of them can add png images to pdf files (works png with RGB, 8 bpp format). It is a proof of concept rather than a stable tool.

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2010-04-28

Please, report bugs

There has been at least one serious problem with xpdf library and therefore with our project. Please, if you find something not working, do not hesitate to write us a short email (pdfedit-devel@lists.sourceforge.net) or submit a bug report. (http://pdfedit.petricek.net/bt/main_page.php)

Thank you,
pdfedit team

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2010-04-22

Win32 testing application

You can find a small testing application which shows how to display pdf in win32 using pdfedit.

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2010-04-18

All tools available under win32

Tools can be finally compiled under win32 using vs2008.

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2009-09-20

0.4.3 release

There is a new pdfedit release 0.4.3, check it in downloads section.

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2009-08-15


beta release of pdfedit library with tools for win32 can be found in the download section

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2009-08-15

windows ce (windows mobile) pdfedit

as a proof of concept, i compiled and run pdfedit with simple gui on windows ce device (mobile phone). it can be run natively on windows too. it can output text and display pictures "in a way" :) but has a long road ahead of us. if anybody is interested then write us.

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2009-04-01

thank you

historical moment: we received the 1st and 2nd donation! cheers

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2009-03-02


Simple examples of using pdfedit library can be found in


Posted by Jozef Misutka 2009-02-25

PDFedit 0.4.2 released

New PDFedit version release. In this release, there was read-only support for encrypted documents added, and also added new french and traditional chinese localizations.

Also, there are few minor enhancements and many bugs were fixed.

See changelog for full details.

Posted by Martin Petříček 2008-12-15

Annonymous bug reporting disabled in our bug tracker

After several spammer attempts we have decided to disable possibility to report bugs as unregistrated user.
If you want to report bug and don't want register in bug tracker, you can send email to the support mailing list (with [BUG] in the mail subject).
pdfedit-support also requires also registration, but I will allow such emails manually.

It is possible that we will change it back after some time when spammers get tired of this "fun"... read more

Posted by Michal Hocko 2008-04-03

PDFedit: version 0.4.1 released

Free editor for PDF documents. Complete editing of PDF documents is possible with PDFedit. You can change raw pdf objects (for advanced users) or use many gui functions. Functionality can be easily extended using a scripting language (ECMAScript).

Released new bugfix version. Problem with distribution tarball is now fixed, also fixed one bug that could occur during "make install". See the changelog for details.

Posted by Martin Petříček 2008-02-25

PDFedit 0.4.0 distribution tarball is broken

We are sorry, but mistake came in game during distribution tarball generation and src/kernel/Makefile was omitted so project is *not* compileable in result.
We assume that problem will be fixed after weekend.

Again, we are very sorry for that

Posted by Michal Hocko 2008-02-23

PDFedit 0.4.0 is released

Main changes:

Makefiles and configure structure changed greatly, so hopefully it solve most build problems.

Changes from XPDF 3.02 imported to source code tree

Added Tango icon theme from Tiziano Mattei

Many bugfixes and internal changes

See the changelog for details

Other binary packages (rpm... ) should follow shortly.

cygwin build should be available on Sunday

Posted by Martin Petříček 2008-02-22

PDFedit 0.3.2 released

This release is a bugfix release. No new features were added, but some bugs were fixed, including one vulnerability in xpdf. See changelog for details.

Other binary packages (rpm... ) should follow shortly

Posted by Martin Petříček 2007-08-28

Version 0.3.1 released

What's new:
* German translation (thanks to Andreas Mantke)
* Minor gui enhancements (added some missing tooltips...)
* Many bugfixes (see changelog for full list)

Other binary packages (rpm... ) should follow shortly

Posted by Martin Petříček 2007-04-29

NetBSD package available

Thanks to Lubomir Kundrak, NetBSD package is available at http://pkgsrc.se/wip/pdfedit

Posted by Michal Hocko 2007-04-28

Version 0.3.0 is out!

Most important changes:
* Cygwin build
* "Save as text" feature
* Some speedup in PDF manipulation
* Russian translation
.. and many other bugfixes and improvements

Other binary packages (rpm... ) should follow shortly

Posted by Martin Petříček 2007-04-14


if you like this project, vote for us at

Posted by Jozef Misutka 2007-03-15

PDFedit rpm package available

Thanks to Pavel Ondrousek, rpm package for PDFedit 0.2.5 is available for download now.
Package is available on download page.

Posted by Michal Hocko 2007-03-06

PDFedit Debian package

Posted by Michal Hocko 2007-02-20