> Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 11:49:52 +0200
> From: mstsxfx@gmail.com
> To: misutkajunior@hotmail.com
> CC: pdfedit-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: tools: pdf_to_bmp consolidation for !WIN_32
> Hi Jozo,
> I was trying to add pdf_to_bmp into our building system when I noticed
> that this is pure WIN_32 implementation. Even though I don't like having
> something like that in tools, I don't care much.
> The only important thing is that this at least shouldn't fail if
> somebody tries to comile it. What do you think about the attached patch?

i think you do not need to add it into Makefile... but the patch is ACK.

> It makes compiler to warn and compile the binary which just says that
> the application is not implemented for non Windows env.
> The other thing is that you cannot mark such a code as GPL because it
> uses a code which is GPL non compatible AFAIK. This is a license
> violation! Do you have any idea how to deal with that?
> I guess we have only 3 options
> - remove the tool
> - rework the tool to use GPL only code
> - distribute the tool separately from the rest

i disagree, it is not a violation.

> Thanks
> --
> Michal Hocko

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