I have a program that creates a pdf file for mailing labels. (21 pages currently.) We will be required to print these at least monthly. This is the first day I have run into this. (It is a new version of the program.)

The problem is that the text prints just a little bit high so that a part of the first line is lost when the labels are peeled off and applied.

Using pdfedit, I was able to click one Set Page Transformation Matrix, then click on Translate (shift) page, from page 1 for 21 pages, then on the Page translation tab set ty to -10 and click OK.

This looks like it worked.

The thing is that I am not the person who needs to do this monthly and I would like to script this for them so that they drop the pdf in a net share and get the corrected pdf back in another share on in a web page.

Is there a way to run pdf edit from the cli and give it the pdf file in question and a script that will accomplish this? I have looked through the info I can find so far on the web and do not see a hint as to how I might do this in any fashion and I am really looking for a someple fashion if one exists.

all the best,