it's not just your problem. it is a known issue which will be, hopefully, solved in the next release.

> Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 23:05:24 +0200
> From: foice.news@gmail.com
> To: pdfedit-support@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: [Pdfedit-support] excellent but slow
> Hi everyone, I just compiled the 0.3.1 on SuSe 10.2
> It's wonderful, your software has nearly all the feature I was looking
> for, but it's extremly slow on my dual core 1gb machine ...
> I use the highlighter a lot and after the first couple of highlighting
> it's no more very usable, in fact after you select the text with the
> highlighter tool the text get colored but before you can highlight
> something else you have to wait ... the cpu runs at 100% or so for 10
> seconds or more and then finally you can use the program again and
> highlight a new text.
> Is this my problem only? Did I compiled wrong or missed some option?
> Regards and best wishes to all of you.
> Roberto
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