For example:
        - Localization to another languages - there seem to be many
          german users and so I'm pretty sure they would appreciate
          german localization. But all other are welcome too (We have
          SK, CZ, UK, ES now).
          Current user documentation is available only in english.
        - We have gentoo script for portage package, but don't have rpm
          and deb packages. I thing that scripts for their generation
          would help.
        - There are many interesting script which can be done (e. g.
          someone wanted to know how to easily change page metrics for
          whole document). This new functionality doesn't need to touch
          source code so can be developed aside.
        - As someone has mentioned in this mailing list before, program
          sometime eats up whole CPU and seems to be stucked somewhere.
          Testing and finding out where can be problem would also help.
        - One of TODOs is to port pdfedit to Qt4, but there are several
          issues that need to be solved. E. g. will be QSA  interface
          compatible, working... (We had really problems with  some
          versions of QSA and so had to add one which is working
          directly to the source tree).
        - We have bugtracker
 (currently not on
 ) where are some unsolved issues.
        - Any bug fixes are welcome
        - I think there are many more... ;)

PDFedit is written to be multiplatform, but nobody has tried (as far as I know)
to compile it on windows. Maybe it would be interesting to try, create some
howto, package or what so ever that would help using on M$ Windows.

Michal Hocko
We have tried it but there were several problems:
1) Trolltech does not provide an open source version of Qt 3.x for Windows (qsa should be ok)
        - i think that KDE has ported qt to windows but at that time it was not working properly (and i had also big problems to get it compiled)
2) there are few functions in kernel which are not in posix standard and need to be replaced, but this should be an easy task (do not know about gui)
3) no problem with command line xpdf
in my opinion, we should wait for qt4 port which is avaliable for Windows too. but as Michal says, there are no principal problems just lack of time.
cheers, jozef