Sorry Jozef, I should have replied to the list -
I see - there is a search option in the drop-down on "Mailing Lists" in the menu thing.
I clicked "Support" in the menu thing, then clicked on the mailing list I wanted, then clicked the link to the archives, so I never saw the search option J

From: Jozef Misutka []
Sent: Fri 30/07/2010 8:43 p.m.
To:; Alister Hood
Subject: Re: [Pdfedit-support] What was the software someone mentioned recently? / How can I search the list archives?

i do not remember but you can try

u're welcome,

> Hi everyone,
> I'm pretty sure somebody here recently mentioned another gui PDF editing 
> program.  They didn't say anything about it, except that a particular 
> operation worked or didn't work or was slower (or something like that) 
> in it than in pdfedit.
> Can anyone remember the name of this program?  I thought it was 
> something like "pdf-melange".  I remember looking it up; it was Java 
> based.
> Alternatively, does anyone know of a way to search the mailing list 
> archives?  I looked on the Sourceforge page, but couldn't see a way.
> Thanks,
> Alister

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