neviem, ci tento mail dosiel aj vam, tak ho pre istotu preposielam. Ako som zistil, stary mailing list uz nefunguje, tak dufam, ze uz budeme riesit veci iba tu.

Co sa tyka samotneho problemu (mailu), tak sa zda, ze to je presne to o com sme sa bavili:
niekde sa asi zabudaju odregistrovavat observery a teda pri dlhsiej praci, sa to zhorsuje. Myslim, ze sa na to mal pozriet Martin. Podarilo sa mu nieco v tomto smere?

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From: Li Zhaoping <z.li@ucl.ac.uk>
Date: Jan 16, 2007 12:14 PM
Subject: help!--- why is pdfedit so slow?
To: mstsxfx@gmail.com

Hi, this pdfedit on unix is a wonderful tool that I like to use.
However, I found it very slow. I use it mainly to highlight the text of
the pdf files that I read. When I use the highlight tool, it takes about
10 seconds or so just to highlight a line of text, and this makes my
reading very slow. I use a fast relatively fast unix machine, and when I
do top on my machine, I can see that 99.9% of my cpu time is used on
pdfedit when I do text highlight. While I wait for one line of text to
be highlighted, I can not do another operation such as highlighting the
next line until the last highlighting is finished, and this makes this
tool unpractical. Is there some way to do it better?

Also, is there an "undo" button for any editting (such as highlighting)

Thanks much for your help!

Li Zhaoping
Li Zhaoping
Head, Laboratory of Natural Intelligence
Dept. of Psychology
Gower St.
University College London,
London WC1E 6BT, UK
Tel: 44 20 7679 1174

Michal Hocko