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Merge with unified makefiles branch

- --with-boost_libdir added for distribution where auto detection
fails (e.g. OpenSuse x86_64, Arch Linux)
- qsa-qt4 subtree removed as unused
- configure script cleanup (no option for qt4 detection)
- dev_clean target for src/Makefile added
- all dependency files are generated to file by -MF optio
rather than redirecting which may include some garbage
if gcc is wraped by something

Michal Hocko Michal Hocko 2008-04-04

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removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsdate_object.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsdate_object.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsdebugger.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsdebugger.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsengine.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsengine.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsenv.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsenv.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qserror_object.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qserror_object.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qserrors.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsfuncref.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsfuncref.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsfunction.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsfunction.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsglobal.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsglobal_object.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsinternal.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsinternal.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qslexer.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qslexer.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qslexer.lut.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qslookup.cpp
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qslookup.h
removed src/qsa-qt4/src/engine/qsmath_object.cpp
File was removed.
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