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--- a/src/tests/tools/Makefile
+++ b/src/tests/tools/Makefile
@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
 # list of utils modules used by all targets
 UTILS_SRCS = common.cc
 # sources for benchmark modules
 TARGET_SRCS = displaycs.cc pagemetrics.cc parse_object.cc pdf_object_printer.cc \
@@ -21,31 +23,31 @@
 all: $(TARGET)
 displaycs: displaycs.o
-	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o displaycs displaycs.o $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o displaycs displaycs.o $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 pagemetrics: pagemetrics.o 
-	$(LINK) $(LDFALGS) -o pagemetrics pagemetrics.o $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFALGS) -o pagemetrics pagemetrics.o $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 pdf_object_printer: pdf_object_printer.o $(UTILS_OBJS)
-	$(LINK) $(LDFALGS) -o pdf_object_printer pdf_object_printer.o $(UTILS_OBJS) $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFALGS) -o pdf_object_printer pdf_object_printer.o $(UTILS_OBJS) $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 pdf_page_from_ref: pdf_page_from_ref.o $(UTILS_OBJS)
-	$(LINK) $(LDFALGS) -o pdf_page_from_ref pdf_page_from_ref.o $(UTILS_OBJS) $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFALGS) -o pdf_page_from_ref pdf_page_from_ref.o $(UTILS_OBJS) $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 pdf_page_to_ref: pdf_page_to_ref.o $(UTILS_OBJS)
-	$(LINK) $(LDFALGS) -o pdf_page_to_ref pdf_page_to_ref.o $(UTILS_OBJS) $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFALGS) -o pdf_page_to_ref pdf_page_to_ref.o $(UTILS_OBJS) $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 delinearizator: delinearizator.o
-	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o delinearizator delinearizator.o $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o delinearizator delinearizator.o $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 flattener: flattener.o
-	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o flattener flattener.o $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o flattener flattener.o $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 pdf_object_comparer: pdf_object_comparer.o $(UTILS_OBJS)
-	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o pdf_object_comparer pdf_object_comparer.o $(UTILS_OBJS) $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o pdf_object_comparer pdf_object_comparer.o $(UTILS_OBJS) $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 pdf_to_text: pdf_to_text.o
-	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o pdf_to_text pdf_to_text.o $(MANDATORY_LIBS)
+	$(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) -o pdf_to_text pdf_to_text.o $(TOOLS_LIBS)
 	-rm $(UTILS_OBJS) || true

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