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Remove CVS leftovers

tools/commit_patch was CVS one shot tool and it doesn't make much sense
to keep it with git. You can use git am < patch to do the same thing.

.cvsignore -> .gitignore is obvious I guess

Michal Hocko Michal Hocko 2011-11-01

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renamed .cvsignore -> .gitignore
renamed doc/.cvsignore -> doc/.gitignore
renamed doc/design/.cvsignore -> doc/design/.gitignore
renamed doc/design/gui/.cvsignore -> doc/design/gui/.gitignore
renamed doc/design/kernel/.cvsignore -> doc/design/kernel/.gitignore
renamed doc/user/.cvsignore -> doc/user/.gitignore
renamed doc/user/cs/.cvsignore -> doc/user/cs/.gitignore
renamed doc/user/scripts/.cvsignore -> doc/user/scripts/.gitignore
renamed src/.cvsignore -> src/.gitignore
renamed src/gui/.cvsignore -> src/gui/.gitignore
renamed src/gui/help/.cvsignore -> src/gui/help/.gitignore
renamed src/gui/help/cs/.cvsignore -> src/gui/help/cs/.gitignore
renamed src/gui/lang/.cvsignore -> src/gui/lang/.gitignore
renamed src/kernel/.cvsignore -> src/kernel/.gitignore
renamed src/kpdf-kde-3.3.2/.cvsignore -> src/kpdf-kde-3.3.2/.gitignore
renamed src/qsa/.cvsignore -> src/qsa/.gitignore
renamed src/qsa/configure2/.cvsignore -> src/qsa/configure2/.gitignore
renamed src/qsa/lib/.cvsignore -> src/qsa/lib/.gitignore
renamed src/qsa/src/.cvsignore -> src/qsa/src/.gitignore
renamed src/qsa/src/qsa/.cvsignore -> src/qsa/src/qsa/.gitignore
renamed src/qsa/tools/designer/editor/.cvsignore -> src/qsa/tools/designer/editor/.gitignore
renamed src/tests/kernel/.cvsignore -> src/tests/kernel/.gitignore
renamed src/utils/.cvsignore -> src/utils/.gitignore
renamed src/xpdf/.cvsignore -> src/xpdf/.gitignore
renamed src/xpdf/fofi/.cvsignore -> src/xpdf/fofi/.gitignore
.cvsignore to .gitignore
File was renamed.
doc/.cvsignore to doc/.gitignore
File was renamed.
src/.cvsignore to src/.gitignore
File was renamed.
src/gui/.cvsignore to src/gui/.gitignore
File was renamed.
src/qsa/.cvsignore to src/qsa/.gitignore
File was renamed.
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