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2008-12-15 PDF Editor 0.4.2
	* dependency to boost-iostreams dropped
	* Debian fixes (462544-crash, 444648-bad SCII85Encoding output) backported
	* changed streams are encoded with FlateDecode compression
	* read-only support for encrypted documents added
	* new --enable-pdfedit-core-dev parameter for configure for
	  development package installation (see README for more information)
	* Transformation matrix and page metrics can be changed for multiple
	  pages at once in GUI.
	* Configurable make parallelization added for more efficient building
	  See --with-parallel-make configure parameter (defaults to use all
	  available CPUs)
	* German localization updated by Andreas Mantke and Georg Hofmann
	* Chinese (Traditional) localization added - thanks to Yi-Shun Wang
	* French localization added - thanks to Sylvain
	* Bugs 131, 157, 158, 195, 199, 207, 215, 217, 220, 222, 217, 226, 
	  228, 233, 241, 246, 247, 249, 257, 258, 260, 262, 267, 270, 272 fixed
	* Print summary information with used options after running configure script
	* 64b distributions with boost libraries in lib64 directory can use
	  --with-boost-libdir configure parameter
	* Internal changes
		- versioning updated - released and dirty or CVS builds cotain
		  the timestamp of the most recently changed file
		- Removed unused obsolete code (QSA for Qt4) from source tree
		- smart pointers are used also for CPdf instance
		- support for stream encoding in the pdfwriter
		- JBIG2Stream::clone implemented
2008-02-24 PDF Editor 0.4.1
	* Missing src/kernel/Makefile in source tarball fixed
	* Fixed bug in pdfedit.pro which could result in pdfedit binary
	  not being installed

2008-02-22 PDF Editor 0.4.0
	* some memory leaks fixed - thanks to Gwurk
	* new XPDF 3.02 imported to the tree - this fixed some security
	  vulnerabilities reported by secunia as well as provide with 
	  the new functionality (support for PDF 1.6 and 1.7). 
	  See src/xpdf/CHANGES for more information
	* Internal: 
		- debuging for observers, more effective CObject -> Object
		  translation for CDict and CArray
		- new makefiles infrastructure (see README for more information).
		  For those who get sources directly from CVS, note that you
		  have to generate configure script by hand, because it is 
		  no more a part of CVS tree (simply run autoconf without
		  any parameters).
		- delinearizator moved from src/utils/ to src/kernel
		- Improved testing environment
	* Code cleanups by Gwurk
	* Bugs 123, 137, 144, 147, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 162, 164, 165,
	  168, 169, 175, 178, 179, 180, 182, 183, 187, 201, 202, 203, 204,
	  206, 208 fixed
	* Added Tango icon theme from Tiziano Mattei.
	* Fixed bug with operator-only command available for non-operators too,
	  leading to errors
	* kernel+xpdf+utils+tests ported to Windows (vc2005 project)
	* Fixed observer unregistering

2007-08-28 PDF Editor 0.3.2
	* bug #160 (http://pdfedit.petricek.net/bt/view.php?id=160) fixed
	* README updated for several platforms installation description
	* Fixed bug in Xpdf StreamPredictor announced by http://secunia.com/advisories/26188/
	* Fixed bug when doxygen would overwrite /dev/null device if run under root
	  (thanks to Bernard Johnson for reporting)
	* Better error message when invalid command line option is specified
	* QMAKESPEC is not required by configure
	* Minor fixes in documentation
	* Fixed bug in script used to make tarballs - one documentation file
	  was not included in releases
	* Fixed bad format string error on 64bit platforms

2007-04-29 PDF Editor 0.3.1
	* Fixed command line function invocation
	* Fixed QSA using bad qmake
	* Fixed --enable-release option in configure script
	* Xpdf code cleanup (removed unused files)
	* Fixed possible unicode string handling errors
	* Added checks for QTDIR and QMAKESPEC to ./configure
	* Compilation fixes for gcc-4.3 (thanks to Martin Michlmayr for patch)
	* Added German translation (thanks to Andreas Mantke)
	* Updated Xpdf to 3.01pl2 (some security bugs were fixed)
	* Fixed unicode file name handling
	* LC_ALL and LC_MESSAGES env. variables are now processed, not only LANG
	* .qm files are now (re)compiled when running qmake in src/gui
	* Setting units in options now does not break when changing locale
	* Added settings to change initial focus
	* Added tooltips for line width, font face and font size selection boxes
	* In configure, --enable-release is turned on by default
	  (use --disable-release to turn it off)
	* Files README, Changelog and doc/AUTHORS are now installed
	  to documentation directory with "make install"
	* Fixed about window not showing all text if font size is too big
	* Fixed icon cache freeing data prematurely, causing ineffectivity
	  and possibly crashes
	* Minor bugfixes

2007-04-15 PDF Editor 0.3.0
	* Fixed wrong permission of files in source tarball
	* post_configure tries to find correct qmake
	* modified makefiles to properly clean stuff with
	  make clean/make distclean (thanks to Varun Hiremath for patch)
	* Added "save as text" feature
	* Added loadFile and saveFile functions to scripting
	* Speedup of some kernel functions
	* Reordered menu for more standard order
	* Added russian translation
	* Added time, tick, rand functions to scripting
	* Functions transformationMatrixMul and transformationMatrixDiv
	  implemented in C++, 2-3x faster than script version
	* Updated internal QSA to 1.1.5
	* PageView now can be scrolled by keyboard
	* Added --enable-release to configure
	* Minor bugfixes

2007-02-04 PDF Editor 0.2.5
	* Minor bugfixes

2007-01-28 PDF Editor 0.2.4
	* 64bit compilability fix
	* Fixed bug with units precision, 1234pt showing up as 1.23e+3pt
	* Console scripts bug fixed (not running scripts from current directory)
	* Added QSPdf.save() function
	* Spanish translation added

2006-12-12 PDF Editor 0.2.3
	* Export to XML
	* documentation fixes

2006-10-01 PDF Editor 0.2.2
	* Added boost check to configure
	* Absence of doxygen is silently ignored
	* Rare menu character encoding problem fixed
	* Minor bugfixes in scripts
	* Some crashes fixed

2006-09-16 PDF Editor 0.2.1
	* Many bugfixes
	* Added move up and move down function to contentstreams in pages

2006-09-07 PDF Editor 0.2.0
	* Added commandline mode, editor can automatically process files
	  using a script without opening any window or needing an X server
	* Added ./configure script
	* Added support for different length units
	* Added support for various charsets
	* Page view improved
	* Added delinearizator
	* Many operations added to GUI
	* Added statusbar and progressbar
	* Added support for Annotations
	* Added support for Outlines
	* Installation now working
	* Improved documentation
	* Added user documentation
	* Can now install as non-root user into any directory
	* Large internal changes, reorganization of some code
	* Fixed stability

2006-06-02 PDF Editor 0.1.1
	* Added PDF operator editing and content stream manipulation
	* Added tabbed tree view
	* Added many function to scripting layer
	* Fixed many other bugs and crashes
	* Added switchable icon themes
	* Many user interface improvements
	* Added ability to work with multiple PDF files simultaneously in script in one window
	* Added context menu in tree
	* Added revision support
	* Added script editor
	* Added stream manipulation support

2006-05-03 PDF Editor 0.1.0
	* First version released (0.1.0)