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# This is script that will create distribution tarballs

# This file should be run on exported directory, not directly in CVS tree
# It is expected that the directory in which the sources are exported is named 
# 'pdfedit'

# Terminate on any error, so if something fails, broken or incomplete packages won't be generated
set -e

AUTOCONF=`which autoconf`
# Checks for configure script and generates it if either
# existing one is older than configure.in or it doesn't exist at all
if [ ! -x configure -o configure -ot configure.in ]
	if [ ! -x $AUTOCONF ]
		echo Autoconf not found.
		exit 1
	echo Generating configure script
	echo $RESULT
	if [ "$RESULT" = "FAILED" ]
		echo Unable to generate configure script
		exit 1

# Make documentation before making tarball
#Translate all .ts files to .qm
(cd src/gui/lang && lrelease *.ts)
#Get version number
#Pack all files, excluding unwanted ones (CVS files, generated programmer documentation, object files, binaries, etc ...)
rm -f ../pdfedit-$VERSION
ln -s pdfedit ../pdfedit-$VERSION
cd ..

# generates online help
pdfedit-$VERSION/tools/generate_online_help.sh pdfedit-$VERSION/doc pdfedit-$VERSION/src/gui

# creates distribution tarball
tar -czhf pdfedit-$VERSION.tar.gz pdfedit-$VERSION/* --exclude-from=pdfedit/dist-exclude
echo pdfedit-$VERSION.tar.gz created
tar -cjhf pdfedit-$VERSION.tar.bz2 pdfedit-$VERSION/* --exclude-from=pdfedit/dist-exclude
echo pdfedit-$VERSION.tar.bz2 created

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