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PDFDoclet 1.0.2 released!

This is a bugfix release - and probably the last Java 1.4 compatible one. Someone offered to work on support for Java 5 features, so the next release may require Java 5 to run PDFDoclet.

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2005-12-10

PDFDoclet 1.0.0 released!

Thanks to many supporters, the new release 1.0.0 is available for download. The most important changes in short:

- Massively improved support for bookmark customization
- More detailled bookmark structure (Methods, Fields, Constructors)
- Support for the -group parameter
- Creation of custom bookmark entries in HTML pages
- Appendices allow to include external HTML or PDF pages and reference them in an appendix
- Import of PDF pages in addition to - or instead of - the regular overview.
- Title page can now also be imported from a PDF document.
- Inherited tables can now be reduced to print only those with
elements inside the API's scope (but not java.lang.Object etc.)
- Numerous bugfixes and more major refactorings

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2005-07-11

Broken 0.9.2 binary package fixed!

For some unknown reason, the "binary" package file was broken. A new, working version has been released.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2005-06-10

PDFDoclet 0.9.2 with Table support!

Finally, HTML tables are supported by PDFDoclet (thanks to the work of fellow supporter Carl Lindberg). Important to some people may also be that a bug has been fixed which prevented bulleted lists to be formatted correctly in method docs.
And then there have been the usual many small bug fixes and improvements (ordered lists now support types etc.).

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2005-06-07

PDFDoclet 0.9.0 released!

The new release 0.9.0 is available for download. The
most important changes in short:

- Printing of custom tags
- Filtering of an API (printing only an extract)
- Much more internal links to classes, types etc.
in method signatures, summary tables etc.
- More robust handling of inline links (especially
of invalid ones which lead to all kind of
runtime exceptions in the past)
- Numerous bugfixes and more major refactorings

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2005-05-22

PDFDoclet 0.8.1 released!

Thanks to the input and help of numerous supporters
and users, a bugfix release 0.8.1 is available. Altough
it's only a bugfix release, there are some major improvements:

- Got rid of the annoying "missing-blanks"-problem by using JTidy correctly...
- That also solved some other problems related to unclean HTML, such as ClassCastExceptions etc.
- Some clean-ups in documentations, FAQ etc.
- custom prefixes for page numbering text

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2005-02-13

PDFDoclet 0.8.0 released!

After an eternity of silence, the project has been re-animated. Maven is now the build-tool of choice, which also leads to a new website.

A few new features (like embedding of fonts) have been implemented and many bugs and annoyances had been fixed, check out the release notes for details.

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2005-01-26

PDFDoclet 0.8.0 pre-release

This is a pre-release for you to test and give me feedback
in case you find any lingering bugs.

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2004-06-15

PDFDoclet 0.7.0 released !

Thanks to the input and help of numerous supporters
and users, a new version 0.7.0 is available.
New stuff featured in that version:

Made index more compact by printing all page numbers of members (methods, classes, fields) with same name on the same line (like: doSomething 23, 35, 88).

Added link to title page in outline (navigation frame)

Filename specified with "-pdf" parameter is now handled relative to the "-workdir" argument if its a relative path... read more

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2004-01-17

PDFDoclet 0.6.0 released!

Thanks to the input and help of numerous
supporters and users, a new version 0.6.0
is available. New stuff featured in that

- Customize order of packages in the bookmarks
- Support for the {@docRoot} tag
- Option for specifying packages whose classes
should not be fully qualified ("String"
instead of "java.lang.String")
- Correct handling of inner classes in bookmarks
- Fixed bug #811384 (brackets missing for array
method arguments in method summary)
- Fixed bug #833186 (all parameters in summaries
have the name of the first param)
- Implemented the <EM> tag as a copy of the <I>
tag (just italic text)... read more

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2003-11-06

PDFDoclet 0.5.1 released !

This new maintenance release sorts all packages alphabetically. Furthermore, interfaces do now list all "known implementing classes".

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2003-10-29

PDFDoclet 0.5.0 released !

This new release has many bugfixes, support for Chinese-/Korean-/Japanese characters, some new HTML tags, etc. There is also a new small test-pdf target which demonstrates pretty much all features while being very small.

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2003-08-30

PDFDoclet 0.4.2 released!

This new release includes a binary package that was
compiled with JDK 1.2 in order to be compatible with
JDK 1.2 and 1.3 environments as well. The summary
tables have been improved, and other minor fixes and
improvements have been included. Also, "@deprecated"
tags are now supported.

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2003-03-30

PDFDoclet 0.4.1 released!

The new version includes a new package for non-developers (people who just wanna use the doclet), lists inherited fields and methods, and has - of course - some bug fixes (especially the one of not showing brackets [] for arrays in method return values).

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2003-02-25

Version 0.4.0 released!

- Included some bugfixe
- Implemented support for hyperlink HTML tag
- Improved implementation of list HTML tags
- Added internal hyperlinks for "extends ..."
- Added internal hyperlinks for "implements ..."
- Added listing of all known direct subclasses
- And some other minor improvements

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2003-02-04

Version 0.3.0 released!

30.06.2002 / PDFDoclet 0.3.0 beta

- Optional title page (external HTML file or predefined).
- Navigation frame.
- HTML parser improvements.
- More HTML tags and attributes supported (<center>, ..align="right">..).
- HTML supported in explanation text of doc tags (like @param) too.
- Optional encryption of document.
- Allow or deny printing when encrypted.
- Key (name) and value in tags like @param can be separated by
either blank (" ") or tab ("\t") character now.
- Some code parts ripped out of the main doclet and put into
separate classes or PDFUtil (Index, constant definitions..)

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2002-07-02

Version 0.2.0 released!

The new version includes an alphabetical class/method index, improved footers and headers and better parsing of HTML tags.

Posted by Marcel Schoen 2002-06-24

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