PDFCreator 0.9.2 released

Today we are happy tp announce PDFCreator 0.9.2.
There are a few improvements. Some hidden Features that had only been available as hidden settings can now be accessed through the user interface, i.e. Running a Program or scripte before and after creating the PDF and printing the file after creating the PDF.
There is also a Toolbar for the Internet Explorer, which allows to create PDFs of the websites with a single click.

The COM Interface has been anhanced as well as some small bugs have been fixed.

Having the Toolbar brought us some trouble with the MSI Installer. It is not flexible enough for our needs, so we decided that there is no MSI package at the moment. But we can provide anyone interested (like System Administrators) a package with our without the Toolbar if it is required for some purpose as deploying it in an Active Directory.

Posted by Philip Chinery 2006-06-19