I came across PDCurses for "real" Windows - Project Pluto, when I searched the internet for information about PDCurses.

My interest in PDCurses is to enable Microsoft Windows users to use my curses-based, character-mode emulation of the pixel-mode "wxPython" GUI widget toolkit without having to install "Cygwin".

"wxPython" is a wrapper, used by Python programmers, for the cross-platform C++ based "wxWidgets" pixel-mode GUI toolkit.

I've tried to use "PDCurses" V3.4 and "GnuWin32" from SourceForge without success.

After my Python-based "tsWxGTUI" Toolkit code imports the standard Python "curses" library interface module, it fails to import the Python "_curses" library interface module associated with "ncurses". Without "ncurses", my emulation cannot access the mouse hardware.

Can anyone recommend someone who would be interested in discussing and perhaps trying to resolve this issue?