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Tan Ranger
  • Tan Ranger

    Tan Ranger - 2002-06-14

    The precompiled binary for MS Visual C++ for Win32 contains not only the header and library files, but also a file called pdcurses.dll.

    What is this and where do I put it during install? 

    On a related note: the 'install' file in the PREcompiled binary archive gives the instructions for building the binary from the sources... nothing is mentioned about installing the precompiled binaries.  Is this something the maintainer (or whoever built these binaries) could attend to?

    Much obliged!

    • Tan Ranger

      Tan Ranger - 2002-06-14

      I will try to answer my own question:

      Pdcurses.dll is essentially the interface between your pdcurses based program and the win32 environment.  This file must be distributed with your application if you want to compile it for use on win32 machines.

      Place Pdcurses.dll in the same folder as your application's exe file, or you can put it in your (application user's) windows\system directory where it can be used by other pdcurses based programs.

      The windows\system folder is also an appropriate location for systems running windows xp.

      I should mention, by the way, that MS Visual C++ is not clever enough to find .lib files in the same way it can find .h files.  To use a 3rd party header file, one must merely place the file in the include directory and use an appropriate include statement.  However, to use the corresponding lib file(s), the compiler must be specifically told to look for it in a project settings window.

      To tell MSVC6 to use curses.lib, for example, click Project|Settings and select the Link tab.  Append curses.lib to the end of the Object/Library Modules string.  Your compiler should stop throwing up linker errors akin to 'cannot find _getch' (or any of a host of keywords preceded by underscores).

    • Mohammed Subair

      Mohammed Subair - 2005-06-23

      Where to get precompiled version a PDCurses library for Visual C/C++ 6 ? Any link? tried in google. But less luck.

    • elsapo

      elsapo - 2005-06-26

      I made binaries from the the cvs as of today just now, and slapped them up a new geocities site here:


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