How to get colors from a screen position?

  • Nilo R C Paim

    Nilo R C Paim - 2007-05-29


    First of all, congratulations. PDCurses is a great stuff.

    I would like to get the foreground and backuground colors for a specified screen position.

    I tried to do a mvinch(), getting a chtype. But what should I do for getting the colors? I could not find any examples about.

    I'm currently using MinGW under Win2k.


    • Warren W. Gay VE3WWG

      1. int attr_get(attr_t *attrs, short *pair, void *opts);
      2. int pair_content(short pair, short *f, short *b);

      First find out the color pair, then find out what
      the color pair represents (foreground and
      background). I haven't tested pdcurses in this,
      but this works for ncurses.


    • William McBrine

      William McBrine - 2007-05-29

      Not attr_get() -- that's for the current attribute rather than the attribute at a given position.

      You can get the pair number via the PAIR_NUMBER() macro. So...

      short fg, bg;
      chtype ch = mvinch(y, x);
      pair_content(PAIR_NUMBER(ch), &fg, &bg);

      • Nilo R C Paim

        Nilo R C Paim - 2007-05-29

        Thanks to Warren and William.

        In fact, William's hint solves my problem.

        Thanks, guys. Keep your good job.


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