animation of characters that doesnt interrupt

  • Kurgusov

    Kurgusov - 2007-10-01

    Hello again :)

    I have just finished my roguelike "cHaOtIsM", and must thank you heartily for providing me with a great library to work with,thanks heaps Mr McBrine.

    The question is this...

    In my intro methods I have a flock of '~' and '`' (birds) flying over a mountain scape (very funny), because I use the delay function the program cannot take any input until the sequence has ended.What I'd idealy want is for the animations to run indefinatly until the user presses a key.

    I cant put it into an if (! quit )loop with nodelay( stdscr, true ) ; or it would go too fast.

    If you understand my predicament I wonder if you'd mind showing me some code where/if this would work?


    • William McBrine

      William McBrine - 2007-10-04

      You could use halfdelay(), or perhaps a combination of nodelay() and napms(). I'd want to see the code if I were to be more specific than that.

      Several of the demo programs involve keyboard-interruptible animations with delays, including rain and worm.

    • William McBrine

      William McBrine - 2007-10-04

      P.S. Or timeout()... I always forget about that one.


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