PDC_FONT not working?

  • sinoth

    sinoth - 2007-10-02

    I'm trying to use the SDL precompiled libraries and having trouble changing the font.  I've tried all of the following:

    #define PDC_FONT dosemu.bmp
    #define PDC_FONT "dosemu.bmp"
    #define PDC_FONT dosemu
    #define PDC_FONT "dosemu"

    dosemu.bmp is in the current directory for the executable.  Renaming the bitmap to pdcfont.bmp does change the font, so I know the program is at least capable of switching fonts.

    • sinoth

      sinoth - 2007-10-02

      Ah, my bad.  Looked through the demos and it turns out PDC_FONT actually needs to be a system environment variable, not a variable within the program.  Perhaps the documentation could be updated to clarify this?

    • William McBrine

      William McBrine - 2007-10-04

      I think the documentation is clear. It says "environment variable".

      "#define" does not create variables, of any type. (Nor does it set their value.)

      Of course, there's also "pdc_font" (lowercase), which is a pointer to an SDL_Surface. That _is_ a variable.


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