#34 get rid of upside down images


for performance reasons, Gem handles images with the origin in the lower-left corner (standard openGL image orientation) and images originating in the upper-left corner (standard for most(?) video codecs).

this makes code unnecessarily complicated, as textuing has to take care of both types of images.

since most video-decoding and -capturing APIs will naturally (for performance reasons) return images originiating in the upper-left corner, it would be good to make this the default orientation and get rid of standard-openGL-originating images alltogether.


  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    the only problem i can see with getting rid of standard-openGL-orientation is when it comes to dealing with generated textures ([pix_snap], [pix_snap2tex], [gemframebuffer])

    there must be some way to rotate these on the GPU...



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