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PCXPortal 0.3.00 and apps released

The latest greatest version of the PCXPortal framework is now available for consumption!

This version has implemented some long standing feature requests - failed login timeouts - and has started to work on making the Portal Apps simpler to code and maintain.

Suggestions on how to make user input/output (forms mainly) as developer friendly and simple as possible are welcome as we attempt to find the best solution. Object derivability has to be easily done and transparent though.... read more

Posted by James A. Pattie 2004-02-20

PCXPortal 0.2.02 released

PCXPortal, the UserProperties app and the Template App have been updated to reflect some name changes that were done in the base OO modules.

In the process, the Template app (Portal::App) was renamed to be Portal::Example.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2003-06-11

PCXPortal 0.2.01 released!

PCXPortal 0.2.01, PCXPortal UserProperties 0.3 and PCXPortal Template App 0.0.09 were released.

The main change is that the Portal is now built on a true Object Oriented framework thus allowing all the modules to have a single error handling framework and much more consolidated validation code, etc.

Some small functionality was also added, but the bulk of the changes is converting to the OO framework and starting the long road of cleaning up POD documentation - going inline versus all at the end of the file.... read more

Posted by James A. Pattie 2003-06-09

PCXPortal 0.2.00 Released!

After over a year of working the latest stable version of the PCXPortal is now available!

Major features:

XML config files
All major API's are fleshed out
ColorScheme support (Themes)
Dynamic Content on Desktop works

Template App 0.0.08 and UserProperties 0.2 also released to support the new features of the PCX Portal.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2003-02-19

Version 0.1.06 released - DB bug fixes only

Version 0.1.06 of the PCXPortal is now available. It is a bug fix release that fixes some issues with PostgreSQL 7.2.

All the real work has been going into making version 0.2.00 which will hopefully be out soon.

The packages are now gpg signed and md5sum values are available for the tarball. You can verify the rpm's by doing an 'rpm --checksig *.rpm' as long as you have imported the gpg key for packages@pcxperience.com available at http://www.pcxperience.com/gpgkeys/root.html

Posted by James A. Pattie 2002-10-09

PCX Portal 0.1.05 Released!

The latest version of the PCX Portal is now available & the website is updated!

Major features include:

setupDB.pl script - helps automate the creation of the Portal Databases.

Pass through authentication - An app can provide a link to run some part of itself, and the Portal will make sure you are logged in before letting you run the specified application.

Browser Capabilities Detection - The Portal now checks for the capabilities of the browser. These include: JavaScript 1.2 (at a minimum), Cookies and what DHTML capabilities the browser has.... read more

Posted by James A. Pattie 2002-01-25

UserProperties Application 0.1 available

The UserProperties application is the first supporting app for the PCX Portal. Its purpose is to more easily allow the user to change their attributes, password and the attributes of their assigned applications.

It currently only allows you to change your password, but the framework is in place to do the rest of the work in the next couple of versions.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-11-03

New Versions of PCX Portal and Template App available

PCXPortal 0.1.04 is now available. This fixes some minor bugs and continues to enhance the functionality the PCX Portal is providing.

Version 0.0.06 of the Template App is also available. It has been updated to reflect the changes in 0.1.04 of the PCX Portal and has started to implement more out of the box security checks, etc. Use this version to base any apps off of.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-10-23

TemplateApp 0.0.05 fixes missing State Template

The StateTemplate.pm file was not being included in the tarball (it was in cvs) which should be used to base any news states off of.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-09-01

PCX Portal Template App 0.0.04 Available to fix install bug

Version 0.0.04 of the PCX Template App fixes an installation bug in the Makefile.PL script which would allow the application to require too old of a version of the PCX Portal and so it would fail during the install.pl execution (the required support scripts did not exist in version 0.1.01 of the PCX Portal).

Use this version to base any future apps off of.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-08-10

Use this version! Website updated, etc.

Version 0.1.03 of the pcx_portal and 0.0.03 of the pcx_portal_template_app projects are now available.

You should upgrade to both and all future applications should be developed based upon the layout and scripts in the install directory in both projects. Online documentation covering the new layout and how to use it will be coming soon.

The website is much improved and will start to contain regular updates on the changelog entries, file layout specifics, the applications I'm developing, etc.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-08-09

PCX Portal Template 0.0.02 Available

The Sample Application is now at a usable state (it works) and demonstrates how to create a simple application in the PCX Portal. It relies on version 0.1.01 of the PCX Portal.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-08-03

0.1.02 Out to fix major bugs

Version 0.1.02 fixes the Logout bug and improves the layout of the configuration files. The README file has been updated to better detail the installation process and what settings the WebServer needs to make the PCX Portal work.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-08-03

Company, User and Application manipulation modules done

The Auth and Application modules should be finished (as far as I can see) in regards to what methods are available and the logging and replication support that the methods need. Logging and replication is pretty transparent to the end user.

Other minor bugfixes and enhancements have been made also.

A create_company.pl script is now available as a short term solution to allow you to create other companies in the Portal.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-08-01

Next version started - 0.1.00

Database changes - support scripts have been cleaned up / updated. New features are being implemented. Future versions should only have code changes / improvements until new features are thought of that require database changes.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-07-30

Initial Release 0.0.09

The initial release of the PCX Portal (0.0.09) is now available. The source will be put in CVS soon as well as several apps you can use. The main app this was developed for (xiwa - http://xiwa.sf.net\) will have a beta release coming soon.

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-07-16