mr. morbid
  • mr. morbid

    mr. morbid - 2006-12-25

    well... frankly i'm impressed i got this far.

    i'm just looking to optimize the settings. for some reason everything runs at a low fps rate, never quite breaking 45. i've got a pretty top model computer, so i figure it's just one of the config settings i'm leaving out.

    using the ZeroGS v0.96.0 with the SSE2 because i have a Pentium 4/Core Duo.

    "EErec - EE/IOP Recompiler" - checked
    "VU0rec" - checked
    "VU1rec" - checked
    "Multi-threaded GS mode(MTGS)" - checked
    "Dual Core mode(DC)" - checked
    "Frame Limiting(FL)" - normal

    there isn't anything we can think of to boost the speed of the game, but it all works fine. i didn't check or uncheck anything that claimed it'd slow down the game. not sure if there's something i missed or if this is just as good as it gets for this particular game (the warriors). any advice?

    • k3871

      k3871 - 2007-01-31

      for PCSX2 0.9.2 r2.

      I'd also recommend :

      Anti-aliasing and interlacing off
      Disable developer debug mode for the sound driver
      Disable console in misc. (this offers very little change, but still..)
      And I've disabled VU0rec, kept only VU1rec which seemes to have helped a little.
      Also open the task window, click «user name» to reorganize by name and kill everything which is under your user name except for taskmgr.exe, explorer.exe and maybe your anti-virus (avp.exe). DO NOT TOUCH anything running under LOCAL SERVICE, REMOTE SERVICE or SYSTEM.

      I'm running on a AMD64 dual-core (PCSX2 says they're 2206 MHZ each) 2GBs of DDR2 and an old RADEONX1300 card and am running 35 to 64 frames/s (limited to 64fps). Slowing mainly for the FMVs which are still a little buggy and run 25 to 30 fps. But still, I'm pretty impressed by this emulator so far.


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