adding a new target architecture?

  • kth_novak

    kth_novak - 2007-09-13

    How difficult would it be to support ppc or ultrasparc or something along those lines?

    I want  to see what i'd be like to run ps2 games on the ps3 region-free and also to run the ps2 version of linux on the ps3 (to support the games and stuff that was developed for it by the ps-2 linux community,

    what about supporting mips as a target arch? just in case sony comes out with a 2ghz version of the psp? wouldn't it be much easier to emulate the mips 5900 on something mips-based than pretty much anything else?

    what was wrong with the other guy's idea of support .net byte code as a target arch? there are genesis emu for java so why not this? too slow? need cycle exact emulation? what?

    • kth_novak

      kth_novak - 2007-11-10

      now that the 40gb ps3 doesn't support ps2 backward compatibility, there is more of a reason to support ppc

      • Radovan Skolnik

        Radovan Skolnik - 2007-12-16

        I was just about to ask the same question as I am getting PS3 40GB in few days. However current version AFAIK supports x86 architecture whereas PS3 is something totally different. Also isn't PS3 CPU somehow backward compatible with PS2 or was the PS2 backward compatibility achieved purely through emulation? Wouldn't it be possible to run some of (most?) the instructions natively?


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