external bios issues

  • Dourado

    Dourado - 2009-11-26

    First off - thanks for starting this project to make a good emulator even better!

    I run pcsx-df on a Debian Lenny machine (pcsx-df installed from stable), and am currently trying to get Castlevania:SotN to work. However, there are a couple of issues I am having.

    1. There are some fonts that aren't displayed properly on the menus and in a few cut-scenes.
    2. The emulator is freezing whenever I try to access the System submenu (after pausing the game to go the game menu.)
    3. The emulator is freezing whenever I save the game. (I can see a save file when I restart through the PCSX card browser, but the game can't seem to find the card so I can't reload the game.)
    4. I am currently trying to run this through an external bios to see if some of the issues go away, but my control pad isn't working with the external bios.

    Any suggestions on where to begin? I'm happy to provide any information from my end that can help in the process.

  • Dourado

    Dourado - 2009-11-26

    Alright… so I just realized that the package in Debian stable isn't the latest release. I'm going to compile 1.10 tonight and see if my issues go away. Trigger-happy with the help forum I guess… :)

  • Dourado

    Dourado - 2009-11-26

    Same issues persist with 1.10…

  • Andrew Burton

    Andrew Burton - 2009-12-02

    Some things to try:

    1. Download the CVS version to see whether any recent changes have fixed things
    2. Try changing the plugins or BIOS used
    3. Try pcsx-r as well - they've made a number of changes around the emulator core that may be different from pcsx-df.


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