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  • Ignaz Forster

    Ignaz Forster - 2008-03-08

    I'm currently a bit confused about the numerous project websites spreading around the web. There are at least (which LinuxEmu lists as the "official" site) and the SourceForge page ( and this project page - listed on freshmeat); both of them offer downloads, but the sites themselves don't link to each other.

    So which one is the "official" site to watch? Or are these completely separate projects?

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-03-08

      Hello Ignaz,

      to clearify the confusion:

      The site listed on freshmeat is the project site hosted by sourceforge. On the main page is a link to the project where forum and bug tracker etc. are found. The files hosted on aboenterprises are the code basis Stephen Chao uses. He merged his code to the cvs-tree here on sourceforge (have a look at Stephen's post on 30th Dec 2007 and our cvs-history). Originally the project was hosted on a private server by Ryan Schultz before he openened the SF-project, so I tend to say that the sourceforge site is the official and most up-to-date one.


    • Ignaz Forster

      Ignaz Forster - 2008-03-08

      Thanks a lot, that makes things much clearer!


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