• Stefan Sikora

    Stefan Sikora - 2007-12-14

    The actual version of the dfiso-plugin depends on nautilus, the file manager from gnome. I had a look at the code and the sole purpose for such a dependance seems to be the choise of the correct cd-rom device. In earlier versions this was solved by an input field which contained a default-device (/dev/cdrom) and which one could overwrite. If there is no other reason for the dependancy I would like to turn back to the old mechanism because possibly not everyone uses nautilus (like me ;-)).

    Btw. is someone actually working on this plugin or a conversion of the old cdrmooby to gtk2 ? dfiso lacks of cdda-playback atm ...
    And a last question important for the debanists: Did someone manage to contact the original author of cdriso (guess his name was linuzappz or something) to get a correct opensource licencse ?


    • Andrew Burton

      Andrew Burton - 2008-01-02

      True - the CD ROM device selection was based on Sound Juicer if I recall. My CD actually rips only using the /dev/scd0 device, which is pretty obscure from what I would have expected to be the case (/dev/cdrom).

      Since I wanted to make it easy for beginners to use it, I wanted something that would mean they would not need to know the device name, and the Nautilus CD Burner library seemed to be the best fit. Know any other libraries/C code that may help? In any case, it's only the Nautilus CD library, not the whole kitchen sink ;)

      Converting cdrmooby to GTK2 isn't on my radar - plus it's written in C++ which I don't really want to tackle. And considering the dfiso and dfcdrom plugins do most of what dfbinimage does (but maybe not CDDA) then I don't think it's a major priority.

      As to the licensing question, I'm not 100% sure, but Ryan may know since he did the original work to get it into the Debian repository in the first place.

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-01-04

      I'll have a look at the auto-detection from xcdroast, perhaps we can borrow some code there.

      dfiso lacks of of cdda and dfbinimage (cdrmooby) uses fltk... So we have a choice.
      1) Converting cdrmooby to gtk2 or
      2) integrate the missing functions in dfiso and put together dfiso and dfcdrom.

      I am quite indifferent.

      Since cdrmooby is GPL the licensing question of dfiso could be obsolete if we choose version 1.

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-01-04


      xcdroast uses "cdrecord -scanbus" for determining the cdrom-devices.
      But what do you think about a C-version of the following ?:
      --------------- snip --------------------
      for device in `ls /sys/block`
              if test -e /sys/block/$device/device/media; then
                      if test $(cat /sys/block/$device/device/media) = "cdrom"; then echo $device is CDROM; fi

      echo "Scan complete";
      -------------- snap --------------------
      At least it worked for me (/dev/hda is my dvd-burner) and this way we could offer the devices without using a bloated library.

    • Andrew Burton

      Andrew Burton - 2008-01-15

      That bash script didn't work for me - my cdrom is at /dev/scd0, which doesn't have a corresponding media file in the device dir. I'll see what I can get out of cdrecord.

      I'm leaning towards having a compile option to enable the nautilus library, the only question is around which default to use ;) I'd like to enable it by default, since it would then look the same as most other GTK apps which use CD (e.g. Nautilus, SoundJuicer, etc).

    • Andrew Burton

      Andrew Burton - 2008-01-15

      Also, hdhoshy, the current CVS code reverting to a combo box with only /dev/cdrom available doesn't work for me - dfiso will not rip the CD at that location.

      I want to put the Nautilus code back in as a ./configure option, and retain your code as the alternate.

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-01-15

      Hello Andrew,
      another alternative would be to add more default drives to the combo-box. /dev/cdrom is set in case the code for /sys does not find a media descriptor. This can be done easily in get_drivelist().
      If you put back the nautilus code it would be great when the configure script looks for the nutilus-lib and sets a variable so my code is used as fallback for people without nautilus (like me ;-) ).

      • Andrew Burton

        Andrew Burton - 2008-01-17

        Can you check out latest version from CVS and test? You'll need to add the configure flag --enable-nautilusburn=no to use your code (i.e. without the nautilus libs).

        I preferred not to add a list of default drives to choose from since I wanted to make it nice and easy so that even n00bs could work out which drive to use ;)

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-01-17

      Yes I tested your version. Works great and I saw that you integrated dfOpenGL into the autobuild-process, too. Meanwhile I added some bugfixes for the memory functions and CdLoad-Functions.

      Btw. it would be nice if everyone keeps track of his changes in the ChangeLog. I try to add the things I see but when the project gets more busy it will be more difficult to catch every change ;-)

      • Andrew Burton

        Andrew Burton - 2008-01-20

        Apologies - will add ChangeLog entries in the future.

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-01-20

      No problem, the project is just about to start.

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-03-01


      I started to develop some code for the cdiso-plugin to play back CDDA from raw images. What I have so far is a stable multithreaded program that plays music from a raw image with a given offset and length. I commit the code as soon as possible. Btw. I am using ALSA for this but the code is very modular so other audio-systems can be attached easily.

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-03-04

      Today I commited the additional code. I guess there may be still errors, so please give the dfiso a try.

      I also tried to contact LinuzAppz to get a clean GPL for the old cdriso-plugin, but he seems to be disappeared from the net. So I think I will rewrite the plugin to have a proper license. Since I don't use compressed file images I'd like to drop this feature from the code. Same for the iso-creator because cdrdao does the job.

      What do you think ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello Stefan,

      I got the latest version on cvs today and the dfiso plugin does not compile anymore, make fails with :

      make[1]: *** No rule to make target `alsaplay.lo', needed by `libDFIso.la'.  Stop.

      It seems that you forgot to commit some files on cvs.

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-03-05

      Exactly :-( alsaplay.c and alsaplay.h were missing. Don't know how this could have happen :-D Of course I committed again.


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