New release?

  • Andrew Burton

    Andrew Burton - 2008-03-20

    Hey guys,

    When are we thinking of doing a release and posting it to the website?


    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-03-20

      Hey Andrew,

      I talked to Ryan some days ago and he will set up a debian package when the dfiso-plugin is finished. I suggested to rewrite the parts of the plugin that are not clean GPL'ed. Most of the plugin is GPL atm but not everything :-( I tried to contact Linuzappz for relicensing but he seems to be disappaered...


      • Andrew Burton

        Andrew Burton - 2008-05-05

        Which bits are not clean GPL'd?

        Can we not publish without this plugin? We do have a CD-ROM access plugin that could be used instead. Don't see why we have to wait for dfiso.

    • Stefan Sikora

      Stefan Sikora - 2008-05-06

      I rewrote the dfiso-plugin. Support for compressed ISO has been dropped and the code cleaned up and relicensed. In the old README od cdriso-1.4 the source code was declined as "free source code", so IMHO we can release a new verion with the dfiso included.


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