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PCS 0.6 Is now available

Finally, a new release. There is a lot of good stuff in here, in particular
packets and scripts for testing IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 courtesy of Bruce Simpson.

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2009-09-26

Mercurial Repo now online

I have now made the Mercurial repo that I am using for this project available. You can find it here:

It provides an RSS feed as well if you want to stay up to date.

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2007-05-31

PCS Added to FreeBSD Ports System

PCS is now available as a FreeBSD port in


Hopefully it will be added to other ports like systems soon!

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2007-04-04

PCS Upgraded to Beta 0.5

PCS now includes its own version of Doug Song's pcap library for Python so you only need to download one file to build the whole library. You must have the latest pyrexc compiler installed to build everything cleanly.

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2007-03-22

PCS being used in the Packet Debugger

The Packet Debugger ( is a program that allows users to operate on packet streams as if they were using a source code debugger. This new program uses PCS as its base library. As packet classes are added to PCS they will be immediately available to users of pdb.

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2007-01-19

PCS goes to Beta Status

With the 0.4 release of PCS the library has now moved to Beta status. The documentation has been expanded to include information generated with Doxygen. See the main page at for links to the new documentation!

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2007-01-19

PCS Alpha 0.3 Released

The latest version of PCS has been released.

Changes in this version include bounds checking when manipulating packets as well as new scripts to help with DDOS analysis and slicing up tcpdump files.

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2006-10-04

Release 0.2 of Packet Construction Set

In this latest release I have added support for LengthValue fields, which allow things like DNS to work. There are now working scripts to send arbitrary ping packets (you pick the ether and IP addresses) as well as a DNS Query which uses the new LengthValue fields.

The documentation continues to grow, now at 16 pages, and covers the new Field types that are added in this release.

Checksumming code and other bug fixes from Clement have also been added.

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2006-09-05

First release of Packet Construction Set

The first Alpha version of the Packet Construction Set, aka PCS has been released.

Packet Construction Set aims to make writing network
protocols and tests for protocols easier by
providing a set of classes in Python that make
working with packets fun and easy. For more information please see the documentation in the package.

Posted by George Neville-Neil 2006-07-13