#175 FC4 Install Troubles...


I am new to linux and trying to get a WPC11 V4 card to
work under FC4. After trying several things with some
realtek drivers (I read on several forums that this is the
chipset the V4 card uses), I have not gotten anywhere
and then I discovered the linux-pcmcia_cs project. I saw
that you supported my card and I attempted a download
and install. However when I run "make all" it gives me
several errors (pages of them) when it goes to compile
the files. I am pretty sure I have the complete source
tree installed for the kernel and that I am pointing it to
the right place (/usr/src/kernels/[kernelversion]-686i) or
something like that (not at this particular machine at the
moment.) Any help you can provide to help me get this
package installed would be wonderful. The card works
fine under windows. The default PCMCIA package that
comes with FC4 does not recognize the card. When I
use "cardctl info" it will not report anything, but when I
use "cardctl status" it reports a 3.3v cardbus card in the
socket and nothing else. I hope this info helps. Let me
know if you need more. I am attempting to install the
3.28 version of the package.


  • David Hinds

    David Hinds - 2005-10-10

    Logged In: YES

    The pcmcia-cs user tools are included in FC4 so attempting
    to rebuild them serves no purpose. FC4 has a 2.6 kernel, so
    you can't build the kernel drivers included in the pcmcia-cs
    package. Besides, there is no driver for the WPC11 v4 card
    in the pcmcia-cs package.

    The pcmcia-cs package is deprecated for current Linux
    kernels. There is information about PCMCIA support for 2.6


    -- Dave

  • David Hinds

    David Hinds - 2005-10-10
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