#169 orange la cie fire wire


this is a reply to dahinds message regarding my pcmcia
firewire orange link combo card and a La Cie 80GB HD.
I didn't know how to reply in the project 898461
because the file is closed?
I did the modprobe sbp2 with no response on the command
line. However I have attached a file "orange_lacie.txt"
with interesting discoveries. When booting the system
SuSE 8.2 it recognized the pcmcia card but in the
mentioned file it failed to load the ieee 1394 module.
This is where I am stuck.

REgarding my Sony CDRW CRX75a I finally go it working.

Thanks for your help altogether.


  • Heinz Hoetger

    Heinz Hoetger - 2004-03-07

    La Cie 80GB Fire Wire attached to Orange Combo PCMCIA

  • David Hinds

    David Hinds - 2004-03-07

    Logged In: YES

    On the support page, there is a "Status" pull-down at the
    top of the page that allows you to choose closed or open items.

    I think you will need to ask someone who knows about the
    IEEE1394 drivers how to interpret your kernel messages (or
    consult an appropriate HOWTO). I know nothing about these
    drivers. You should not expect to see any response on the
    command line when you successfully modprobe a driver; you'll
    only get a message if the module fails to load.

    In your log, everything looks pretty good to me except for
    the "login timed out" and "sbp2_login_device failed"
    messages. And I do not know what those mean.

    -- Dave


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