#15 PCI Bridge


I got 2 Mobility (www.mobl.com) products which are
basicaly an extension to the PCI bus thru the Cardbus

They are not supported and I'd like to change that if
I could get some support/advices .

You can then plug PCI cards into "normal" PCI sockets
(for the model 5000) or use build-in PCI devices
(1000EV and 5000).

For instance both products I own have :
- 1 PCI USB OHCI controller
- 1 PCI PS/2 keyboard controller
- 1 PCI PS/2 mouse controller
- 1 PCI serial port controller
- 1 PCI parallel port controller

The card act like a bridge and I suppose it is a
matter of initialising it on insert and then probe the
new PCI bus behing the card.

I've contacted Mobility to propose my help for
supporting Linux (they actually support win9x->XP +
Mac) but I didn't get any answer.

They share the same card and the same drivers under
Microsoft OSes.

If you are interested in, please contact me at


  • David Hinds

    David Hinds - 2003-06-03
    • status: open --> closed
  • David Hinds

    David Hinds - 2003-06-03

    Logged In: YES

    With recent 2.5 kernels, I think there is some hope for
    support of this sort of device. It is beyond the scope of the
    pcmcia-cs package; most of the relevant work needs to
    happen in the kernel PCI subsystem and hotplug support. In
    2.5, the role of the PCMCIA code in dealing with CardBus is
    much diminished.

    You can pursue issues with 2.5 development on the linux-
    kernel mailing list and/or the linux-pcmcia list at

    -- Dave


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