J.Bright - 2004-11-20

I am working on the PCMCIA host controller driver (SS layer) and its integration with the pcmcia-cs package.

PCMCIA host controller is programmed using memory mapped registers. PCMCIA host controller is connected with the CPU via a non-standard custom bus. Also, the PCMCIA hardware conforms to PCMCIA/PC CARD 2.1 standard.

PCMCIA interrupts like card_detect and card_status_change etc can be enabled, disabled and cleared using PCMCIA registers. Attribute memory, common memory and IObase are also mapped into the memory map. PCMCIA interrupt handler is called on PCMCIA card insertion and removal.

According to my understanding, to integrate the host driver part with the pcmcia-cs package, socket services layer functions passed to register_ss_entry() function will require modifications. Is there anything else that may need modifications? How much effort is required for successful integration?

Looking forward to helpful pointers and guidelines.

-- J.Bright