Laptop hangs w/3.2.8 pcmcia on 2.4.27 kernel

  • netgirl

    netgirl - 2004-10-25


    I have a Thinkpad T41 that I am developing a knoppix-derived distribution on. It is based on a pretty vanilla 2.4.27 kernel. For a couple different reasons, I have disabled the in-kernel PCMCIA drivers and need to use the external PCMCIA package (3.2.5-8).

    I have been able to compile and install the package, however during startup whenever the system gets to the "modprobe ds" directive, it hangs the entire system. I can't do anything at this point except reboot.

    Here is some more information that may be helpful. If I boot with nopcmcia then the system will come up (of course). Or, if I booth without any PCMCIA cards inserted.

    If I insert a card, boot up with "nopcmcia" and then manually type the commands, here is what I see...

    modprobe pcmcia_core
    modprobe i82365
    modprobe ds

    ---> at this point the system will hang if a PCMCIA card is present in the system.

    I found some articles that mention yenta_socket in /etc/default/pcmcia and /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia, so i have changed these to i82365. No luck.

    For the record, if I boot with a 2.4.27 kernel that uses the built-in kernel PCMCIA support (instead of the external modules) everything works fine.

    I'm wondering if this might be some kind of memory or port conflict in config.opts, but I'm not sure exactly how to determine this.

    Any suggestions on where else to look would be greatly appreciated.


    • David Hinds

      David Hinds - 2004-11-03

      Maybe you should describe these reasons why you need to use the pcmcia-cs drivers (which don't work) rather than the kernel drivers (which do work)?

      You could also show the system log messages you get after inserting the i82365 module.

      -- Dave

      • netgirl

        netgirl - 2004-11-03


        I'd love to use the built-in drivers, but I'm trying to set up a demo system with airjack - which requires the pcmcia-cs drivers.


        • David Hinds

          David Hinds - 2004-11-07

          Off hand I'm not sure what could cause a lockup when the ds module is loaded.  You could try following the debugging tips in the HOWTO.  I know that isn't very helpful but it's my best suggestion at the moment.

          -- Dave


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