Erwin Authried - 2004-10-24

upon insertion of a Conceptronic CBT100C Bluetooth 16-bit PC card, the card was not recognized at all. I took a look at i82365.c and saw that the card was ignored because it is recognized as a 3.3V + x.xV card (VS1 and VS2 are tied to gnd over 1k resistors, isn't that obscure?). After removing the lines below, the card was recognized properly. I think that the check is to restrictive. Even if x.xV is unsupported, the card can still be used with 3.3V.


    /* For now, ignore cards with unsupported voltage keys */
    if (*value & SS_XVCARD)
        *value &= ~(SS_DETECT|SS_3VCARD|SS_XVCARD);