Porting Issues for embedded planet target

  • Narendra G.H.

    Narendra G.H. - 2002-07-19

    I am currently working on the Embedded Planet board with Hard Hat Linux. I need to know  where I can get a PCMCIA driver for the MPC850 ( Embedded Planet ) target board.



    • Matthew Locke

      Matthew Locke - 2002-07-22

      The 8xx pcmica socket driver is included in the latest 2.4.18 and in the pcmcia-cs package.

    • Selvaraj R

      Selvaraj R - 2002-07-24

      Hello Sir,
      >>The 8xx pcmica socket driver is included in >>the latest 2.4.18 and in the pcmcia-cs package.

      Does the version that u have mentioned corresponds to the kernel of Red hat LINUX or Hard Hat Linux ?
      If u ment Hard Hat linux then could u pls let me know how could I get that Hardhat Linux.

      FYI: For the past three days I've been burning my head to make pcmcia-cs to get installed on Hard Hat Linux. But the pcmcia-cs-3.1.34 is not getting compiled.
      Following is the compilation environment:
      1)OS : Hard Hat Linux 2.4.1, Journey Man's Edition over Red Hat Linux 6.2
      2)Target :Embedded Planet RPX Lite, PowerPC

      Using the ./Configure utility I have selected,

      But while compiling , undefined referrence(say printk_Rd0123 not defined, CardService_DR09823 not defined etc) are reported in m8xx_pcmcia.c

      My requirement is that to add a pcmcia_core in the Hard Hat Linux. So that I shall compile & run a pcmcia Client Drivers that uses the CardServices.

      For that I shall either
      1) select the PCMCIA that comes along with the Hard Hat CD(in the source directory) or
      2)shall go for a stand-alone pcmcia-cs(pcmcia-cs-3.1.34).
      But I have problem on both the methods :(
      In the first method I could able to compile the Hard hat kernel with PCMCIA CardBusSupport enabled(using "make menuconfig"). But I could not able to run the resulting "vmlinux" (output of "make" in the /opt/hardhat/devkit/lsp/embeddedplanet-rpxlite/linux-2.4.2-hhl20).Here I have some doubt whether I need to do some more things with "vmlinux" after "make" and before download.

      In the second ,method I have compilation problems as I've mentioned earlier.

      So could u pls help me in this regard.
      Pls let me know where I'm ambiguous for u to understand.
      Pls don't say that the whole mail is ambiguous :)



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