IRQ sharing problem under 2.6

  • Kurt Freiberger

    Kurt Freiberger - 2004-07-27

    I'm trying to run 8 cellular modem cards under FC2 (2.6.6-1.435.2.3 - i686) (pcmcia-cs 3.2.7) on a PC/104 system.
    The problem is that I can only have 5 cards running with shared interrupts before it errors out and can't assign IRQs again.
    The cards are Ricoh chipsets, 4 modules, 2 cards/module.
    This system/cards works great under 2.4.x kernels.  Before I start recompiling things, is there anybody who has a handle on this?  The old system used i82365, the new system uses yenta_socket.

    I'll start gathering the excruciatingly detailed scenario now.

    Kurt Freiberger

    • David Hinds

      David Hinds - 2004-08-06

      I'm not sure that I really understand your situation.  Are these adapters PCI or ISA?  It also isn't clear to me what the "it" is that "errors out"?  It would help to show some details with a 2.4 kernel ('lspci -v' and kernel messages?) and the same for 2.6.

      -- Dave


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