best filesystem for a Compact flash memory

  • Velilla

    Velilla - 2005-01-07

      I have a little prototype with an ARM processor and a compact flash reader, I have attached the compact flash from my digital camera and Linux mounts it using vfat filesystem.
      I don't want to use the memory with the camera anymore, so I'm wondering which is the best filesystem to avoid wearing out the flash memory.
      Any hint?

    • David Hinds

      David Hinds - 2005-01-13

      Compact flash does automatic wear leveling so I would not worry about it too much; which one is "best" (in this case meaning the one that does the fewest writes to update metadata?) probably depends on your access pattern.  I would expect little difference unless you are using the flash card as a Usenet or email spool with thousands of tiny files.

      Mounting the drive with "-o noatime" is likely to make a much bigger difference than choosing between filesystems.

      -- Dave


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