Steven Newbury - 2007-01-21

I'm trying to get ide-cs.c to talk to my Microdrive using mapped Common Memory.  The spec states that the device starts up in "memory mapped addressing mode".  Is is the sames as other CF devices, right?  The alternative modes are "primary/secondary IO mapped addressing", "continuous IO mapped addressing".

I've been trying to get it working with the patch Thomas Kleffel recently sent to lkml that enables CF devices to be accessed using MMIO.  The problem I have is the Microdrive apparently fails to deliver interrupts.  The drive is recognised and the geometry is read but then it times out with "lost interrupts".. I've attempted to modify ide-cs.c to map the attribute memory and set the device to different modes, but so far no luck.  I've read through the spec several times, but I can't see why it wouldn't be working.

Original MMIO patch:

Microdrive spec:$file/3K4Micro_spec.pdf