nigel o\'brian - 2005-07-02

This piece of hardware is noted in several places as a source of problems with the linux PCMCIA drivers. After seeing similar problems myself I had a closer look at the item in question.

The adapter is a pretty flimsy piece of hardware. I do not think it would stand regular card swapping. In particular it is easy to insert the card slightly askew, missing or bending the pins.

With the top off the case and the board horizontal one can check that the card engages correctly with the pins. If I do this the adapter works perfectly with the ide-cs driver (pcmcia-cs 3.2.5, kernel, config scripts unchanged from gentoo package, no extra parameters for yenta_socket, udev).

Whenever I insert the card with the case closed and m/board vertical I get either 'unable to apply power' or 'unable to map card memory' errors.

Hope this helps someone having problems with similar hardware.